Client Stories

Karen’s Story


Karen’s immigration status was regularised as she was granted ‘leave to remain’ by the Home Office. This was after representations were drafted and sent by IHRC Legal. However the status was granted with the condition she would have no access to public funds for herself or her children. This [...]

Adam’s Story


Adam was a lecturer at a London university from. His employers forced on him a workload over and above what was acceptable according to the university’s own standards for workload management. In contrast, white colleagues were given a substantially lighter workload and told that they should not take on [...]

Maryam’s Story


Maryam got a job as a waitress at an Italian restaurant. A few months into her employment the owners of the restaurant began subjecting her to regular and repeated verbal abuse – the outbursts were apparently sparked by negative media coverage of Muslims. She was called a terrorist and [...]

The Windrush Case


Ahmed was born in 1939, and arrived in the UK as a commonwealth citizen in 1970 from East Pakistan (now Bangladesh). Since arriving in the UK, and over the succeeding years Ahmed worked hard to support himself. He was employed in various factories and railway stations before working as [...]