Pro Bono Success: A Tale of Resilience and Reunion – Rebuilding Lives

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A Journey of Resilience and Reunion

Meet Emma and Daniel, whose lives took an unexpected turn, leading them on a path of resilience, separation, and eventual reunion. Follow their story as they navigate the complexities of asylum, family separation, and the pursuit of a safer life for their family.

In 2011, Emma married Daniel Smith, and together, they built a family with Sophia and Oliver. Unbeknownst to them, their lives would soon be disrupted by political turmoil and accusations.

Escape to Safety: Daniel’s Asylum Journey

In 2019, their country’s government accused Daniel of conspiring against the state and issued a warrant for his arrest. Daniel, who previously worked in communications for an airline, went into hiding. Emma was subjected to interrogations and police scrutiny to determine the whereabouts of Daniel.

Daniel managed to flee their homeland, seeking asylum in the UK. His application was successful, and he was recognised as a refugee.

Years of Separation: Emma’s Struggle

Separated for years, Emma endured interrogations and regular check-ins with the police. Despite the challenges, she maintained contact with Daniel, with their ultimate wish being a family reunion for a stable and safe home.

Family Reunion

With the assistance of IHRC Legal, Emma and the children submitted a Family Reunion application as the family members of a recognized refugee. The application was successful. Emma, Sophia, and Oliver were granted permission to join Daniel in the UK under Family Reunion. A step towards rebuilding their lives together.

A New Beginning: A United Future

As the family settles into life in the UK, they look forward to building a permanent and stable home. Emma and Daniel’s story exemplifies familial strength, the challenges of separation, and the triumph of perseverance.

As they embark on this new chapter, their journey serves as a beacon of hope for others navigating similar paths.

IHRC Legal Pro Bono Support

Emma and her family were supported by IHRC Legal’s pro bono project. Our pro bono services, funded by IHRC Trust (registered charity no. 1106120), assists individuals on low incomes struggling with immigration problems.



Names have been anonymised to protect Emma, Daniel and their family. 


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